Estate Planning

estate planning

Van Camp and Leonard deals mostly with Probate Law and Estate Planning Law.  If you have a good Estate Plan in place, it is possible to avoid the legal hassle of probate. Estate planning is one of the most important steps anyone can take to make sure that loved ones are provided for in their absence and their wishes are honored when they are gone.

How Can an Estate Plan Help?

Regardless of your age, or the size of your estate (money, belongings, bennefits and/or property you leave behind) an estate plan can accomplish the following:

  • Identify the family members and other loved ones you wish to receive your estate after your death.
  • Ensure that your property will be transferred to those you have identified, as quickly and with as few legal issues as possible.
  • Minimize the amount of taxes required to be paid for your property to pass to your loved ones
  • Avoid the time and costs associated with the probate process by utilizing estate planning devices like living trusts and “payable on death” bank accounts
  • Dictate life-prolonging medical care you wish to receive should you be unable to make your wishes known when the time comes.
  • Explain funeral arrangements you would like, and how related expenses are to be paid.

Understanding the estate plan options that are right for you can be complex but Van Camp and Leonard have decades of combined experience in the field and have dealt with Arizona courts long enough to be familiar with the process to help you know your options and make the best decisions.